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Middle TN Econo Lifts, LLC is an authorized Econo Lifts Installer and Reseller. 

Serving Middle TN for over a decade, they install lift systems for watercraft in:

Percy Priest Lake, Old Hickory Lake, Center Hill Lake, Tim’s Ford Lake, Dale Hollow and the Cumberland River. 

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Why Choose Middle TN Econo Lifts to Protect Your Investment

Selecting Middle TN Econo Lifts for your boat’s protection means choosing unparalleled safety and reliability on all Middle Tennessee lakes and waterways. Our Econo Lifts are engineered with precision, utilizing only the highest quality materials to ensure your boat is safeguarded against the elements and wear from frequent use. With a range of solutions tailored to different boat sizes and types, we offer the versatility to meet your specific needs.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products; it’s reflected in our personalized customer service and support, ensuring you feel confident and satisfied with your investment.

Trust Middle TN Econo Lifts to deliver durable, efficient, and cost-effective boat lifts, making us the preferred choice for boaters seeking the best in watercraft protection.


A wakeboard boat hoisted on a 20000lb lift model 2038HDB under a metal canopy.

Check Out Some of Our Installed Econo Lift Systems

A Nitro fishing boat raised on a Middle TN Econo Lifts, LLC boat lift.
Boat with a black cover on a 6500lb Middle TN Econo Lifts boat lift, next to a wooden dock with a lush green landscape in the background.
Vibrant yellow and black boat on a Middle TN Econo Lifts 6500lb boat lift, surrounded by a serene green lake and lush trees.
An 8,000lb Econo Lift cradling a pontoon boat, ensuring its safety and readiness for the next voyage.
Side and under view of a Middle TN Econo Lifts 14,000 lb capacity boat lift cradling a navy blue and grey trimmed boat.
Presenting the robust and reliable 14,000 lb capacity boat lift by Middle TN Econo Lift, designed to cater to the needs of V-hull boat owners. This picture captures the essence of secure boat storage, featuring the lift’s sturdy construction and state-of-the-art design, which promises unparalleled support and protection for your vessel. Positioned in serene waters with a clear sky overhead, the Econo Lift offers a tranquil yet firm resting place for your boat, ensuring peace of mind both on and off the water. Crafted from premium materials, this lift is a testament to Middle TN Econo Lift's commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

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