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Explore Our Range of Econo Lifts Serving Key Lakes and Waterways in Middle Tennessee

Middle TN Econo Lifts LLC is dedicated to enhancing your personal watercraft experience on Middle Tennessee’s lakes and waterways, including Percy Priest, Old Hickory, Tim’s Ford, Center Hill, Dale Hollow, Chickamauga Lakes, and The Cumberland River.

Our Econo Lifts are designed with superior quality and durability, ensuring your watercraft is safely and securely stored.

By choosing us, you’re opting for a provider that understands the unique demands of these diverse water bodies. Our lifts offer stability and protection in various water conditions, making them an ideal choice for boaters seeking reliability and peace of mind.

Trust Middle TN Econo Lifts LLC for a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of Middle Tennessee’s waterways, ensuring your time on the water is enjoyable and worry-free.

Lakes & Warterways Served by Middle TN Econo Lifts LLC

Percy Priest Lake

J. Percy Priest Lake is a reservoir in north central part of Tennessee. It is formed by J. Percy Priest Dam, located between miles six and seven of the Stones River.

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Old Hickory Lake

Old Hickory Lake is a reservoir in north central Tennessee. It is formed by the Old Hickory Lock and Dam.

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Tim's Ford Lake

The massive dam and reservoir construction program that was undertaken by TVA following its creation in 1933, required the purchase of over one million acres of land.

Aerial view of Center Hill Lake at sunset with surrounding autumn foliage.

Center Hill Lake

The lake, which is 64 mi (103 km) long, covers an area of 18,220 acres (73.7 km2). Center Hill Lake has a storage capacity of 762,000 acre⋅ft (940,000,000 m3) of water.

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Aerial view of Dale Hollow Lake dam with water cascading into the river below.

Dale Hollow Lake

The Dale Hollow Reservoir is a reservoir situated on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. The lake is formed by the damming of the Obey River

Lake Chickamauga

A reservoir in the United States along the Tennessee River created when the Chickamauga Dam, as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority, was completed in 1940

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Overlooking view of the Cumberland River cutting through forested hills.

Cumberland River

The Cumberland River is a major waterway of the Southern United States. The 688-mile-long (1,107 km)[2] river drains almost 18,000 square miles (47,000 km2) of southern Kentucky and north-central Tennessee.

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